Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello Kenya

Sorry I've been gone for so long. My life isn't really all that interesting most of the time, so you haven't missed much. Taking a hint from my best friend, though, I've titled this post "Hello Kenya."
As I'm sure you can guess, Kenya is my next destination. I'm very excited about the doors that the Lord is opening up. For quite some time now, I have known that the Lord was calling me into full-time medical missions. A few years ago, I found out about a program through World Medical Mission (a branch of Samaritan's Purse) that pays doctors that are just out of residency to go to a mission hospital for a term of 2 years. Past that there is no commitment, but of course the hope is that you decide to stay on. It is a wonderful opportunity to go overseas right away and to really be immersed in third-world medicine. I also have thought for some time that I would love Africa if I were to go. So, I contacted WMM and they sent me a list of hospitals that are in need of an OB/GYN.
One of the hospitals is a small one in rural Kenya. It is called Kapsowar hospital. It is a 100 bed hospital and they have obstetric as well as gynecologic services there. Right now, there are 2 family practitioners and one general surgeon. From what I have heard, they are really hoping for an OB/GYN. The surroundings are beautiful. Kapsowar is a small city that is about a 2 hour drive north of Eldoret and about 60 miles from the Kenyan/Ugandan border. I'm very excited about the possibilities.
For those of you who are saying "Wait a minute, isn't Kenya a little dangerous right now?", the situation is improving. I've talked to people and read a lot of news about it and for the time being, they have reached a peaceful agreement. Plus, when has that ever stopped me? Or, should I say, when has that ever stopped God?
The other thing that makes me think that this is all a God-thing is that after I started thinking about this, I joined a new missions class at my church. Guess what our first topic to learn about was? You guessed it - Kenya.
So, mid-October, I'm headed to a medical missions conference put on by Samaritan's Purse, and then I'll leave straight from there to go to Kenya. I'll be there through the end of October. If things go well then, I will likely be headed to Kapsowar for 2 years after finishing residency in June 2009. Though it will be very hard to leave everyone here for so long, I know that this is the Lord's plan and He is paving the way.
For anyone who is interested, here is the link for the hospital:
There is not much on it, but there are some pictures of the hospital, city, and surrounding areas.

So, that's what's new with me. I'm going to try to be a better blogger from here on out. I'd love to hear from everyone again.